Coffee and Character

I saw an article this morning on the UK Independent about a study done to show correlations between the choice of coffee based on character, if there’s any link at all. The post itself was shallow, so I thought alot of people must have thrown a shot at “surveying” character vs. coffee.

So here’s the drill, i picked the most commonly characterized coffees: Espresso, Black Coffee, Latte, Cappuccino and Iced Coffee, taking only the most common characteristic words from all (at some point it feels like they all read the same book somewhere)
Sources: [DoghouseDiaries] [The Independent] [DailyNews] [DrOz Show] []

Coffee Characters Espresso

Coffee Characters

Espresso: Purist, Serious, straight to business, decision maker. Friendly and adaptive

Latte: Soft, Romantic, Pretty nice people. Reflective but indecisive. Pleasing others, some Neurotic attributes. Comfort seeker, helpful and generous with their time.

Iced Coffee  Assertive, Outspoken, Bold, Trendsetters, Experimental, Childlike, Spontaneous, Imaginative. Reckless.

Black Coffee/ Americano/ Long Black Strong, Busy, Fast. Calm and conscientious. Purist, No-nonsense individuals,Straightforward, Moody and quiet, abrupt and dismissive. Patient, Efficient, Abrupt and dismissive. resistant to change.

Cappuccino A child at heart, Warm hearted, but obvious. Perfectionist. obsessive and controlling, overly sensitive, and health-conscious.

I started looking cause i wasn’t convinced, I like my Cappuccino /Nescafe vanilla in the morning cause it’s not too strong on an empty stomach, and enjoy a black coffee or mocha in the afternoon. It’s more about where i’m getting the coffee from that decides the type of coffee i get because different barista have different coffee beans, chocolate, syrups, etc.

What do coffee do you drink? and does the matching stereotype fit you?


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